Williams Radios Sales, Inc. began in  June, 1989 as an alternative to "warehouse reps" to  benefit radio stations. We convey our radio stations'  benefits in a boutique fashion, playing up the conceptional aspects of  the station's audience as well as the qualitative and  psychographic  aspects.  

illiams Radio  & WILNET service the sales and marketing needs of radio stations, nationwide.

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Williams Radio Sales, Inc. offers an alternative to your present rep relationship and/or an ideal complement to your sales staff if you  don't have a national representative in that:

  • Opportunities to tie in your local or regional advertising campaigns with national sponsors will be exploited fully with tried and tested vehicles not previously used by your present rep or staff.
  •  Optional* support to station sales department will generate ten (10) to twenty  (20)% more volume immedaitely with introduction of Williams RadioSales, Inc.'s : (1) Productivity analysis; (2) Thirteen week retail and service advertiser programs; (3) Enhanced cash flow systems; (4) Promotional platforms; (5) Inventory management systems, plus ( 6) manageable salesperson incentives to keep your "street fighters" happy and enthusiastic.  These six points of efficiency give the owner, General Manager or the  GSM/DOS tools that provide far greater insight into the workings of  the sales department via analytical systems. 
  • More detailed national activity- in your market- reports submitted quarterly with concise explanations when your station is not included on a buy.

 *Course materials are free for contracted stations with a minimum two day seminar.  Avails for October  and July only!  


Public Service:

Melvin Williams is a dedicated, hard working executive who gives of his time , effort and money  to the church and community. His Elexigency Foundation  takes parents to task and urges them to take a pro-active, responsible role in communicating and rearing  their children. Mel is an active trustee at Bethel Presbyterin Church in Plainfield, NJ. He has aslo served as president of the church's corporation and coordinated major renovations for Bethel in 1999.  Married thirty-eight years to the former Mary D. Peoples, they have two adult children.

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Melvin Williams as President /CEO of Williams Radio Sales, Inc. and has more than forty years of sales and marketing experience, more than thirty-one years exclusively in radio sales and sales management.  A brief bio follows:

  •  9/64-10/70  Weiner's Department Stores-Houston, Texas................Store Manager
  • 10/70-10/73  Levine's Department Stores-Memphis, Tennessee......Store Manager
  • 10/73-10/76   WNJR AM                             Union, New Jersey..........Local Sales Manager
  • 10/76-4/77     WOWI FM/WPCE AM       Norfolk, Virginia .............Gen'l Sales Manager
  • 4/77-11/77     WNJR AM                             Union, New Jersey..........Gen'l Sales Manager
  • 2/78-2/80       WWRL AM                           Woodside, New York.....Marketing Consultant
  • 2/80-2/82       WBEE AM                             Baltimore, Maryland......Nat'l Sales Manager
  • 2/82-8/83       CitiMedia Reps                      New York, New York......Gen'l Sales Manager
  • 8/83-8/87       WWRL AM                            Woodside, New York....Gen'l Sales Manager
  • 8/87-6/89       NBN II                                      New York, New York.....Vice President, Sales       Mel is one of a very few radio sales management professionals who has tripled the business on an AM station, ranked 27th in the New York market with no format or rating change. On the other end of the spectrum, he also was GSM at a # 1 FM station and has been priviledged to represent a Williams Radio FM station that grew to #1 in the Memphis .market.